Specialised, relevant, realistic training

The Company was formed to fill a recognised gap in the market for specialised, relevant, realistic training. Many companies are so worried about being sued that their training has been sanitised to the point where it no longer resembles the subject being taught. In the first aid industry, we believe this in itself is dangerous practice and as such pay particular attention to the statement made in the HSE guidelines whereby:

“Training must be made relevant to the client’s work place.”

Lots of courses are one course for all, this, we believe, does not fulfill the above criteria and so at ANUBIS we specialise in producing specific courses for specific groups.

Our clients include:

Doctors and Surgery Staff, Journalists, Outdoor Instructors, Helicopter Pilots and Crews, Expedition Leaders, Environmental Groups, Childminders, Nursery Staff and School Teachers, Pony Trekking and Off Road Vehicle Enthusiasts.

As a Company we are approved by FIAB (First Aid Industry Body). All our instructors are able to teach from experience gained whilst dealing with casualties in a wide variety of environments. Although our courses are run in a relaxed informal manner we are always striving to maintain a professional standard, to this end we regularly run in-house training sessions with all our staff and encourage regular attendance of medical seminars and discussions.

Equal Opportunities Policy

We are committed to ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and are valued irrespective of race, gender, health, social class, sexual preference or marital status. The same policy applies on the grounds of age or disability.