First Aid for your Workplace

First Aid at Work - Duration 3 days

Anubis cover all the requirements of the 3 day Health & Safety First Aid course but with a difference! Each course is tailored to your place of work with a high priority on action based training. The course is delivered by highly experienced and competent staff whose strength is in delivering and ensuring understanding. We do not teach from books but instead the knowledge is from experience of “What works” and “What fits” your environment. Anubis will never dictate but instead always allow for your experience and accommodate different approaches to learning.

This course is the only course fully recognised by the FAIB ( First Aid Industry Body) and as such is fully certificated and valid for three years. The certificate will show our FAIB validation number and is recognised anywhere within the UK. It involves 24 hours of instruction during which time a formal assessment of candidates will be made. We endeavour to input as much practical work as possible as we believe this is where the real learning is achieved.

FAW - Re-qualification Course - Duration 2 days

This course is the requalification for the four day certificate; candidates must hold a current First Aid at Work Certificate on the day of the course. It is run over two days and a formal assessment of candidates will be made.

EFAW - Emergency First Aid at Work - Duration 6 hours

This is the minimum qualification recommended by the H.S.E and must be of at least four hours. We would however recommend it is undertaken over a six hour period to ensure candidates have the basic skills to save lives and to allow time for questions.

Bespoke Courses

The H.S.E leaves the risk assessment of a workplace up to the employer. We are happy to assist you in the risk assessment of your work place and help you to realistically decide the level of first aid cover you require. To this end we can adapt and deliver a course of the duration and structure that reflects your needs.

Epi-Pen Training - Duration 1 hours

This course covers all you need to know about dealing with a casualty who has severe allergy reactions (Anaphylaxis) to a food or insect sting. Not only will you learn how to administer the Epi-Pen but you will also be given a clear insight into the symptoms and signs of a casualty developing a reaction.

Our staff will help you with setting up a care plan for the individual who suffers from Anaphylaxis and give you the latest information and relevant county policies and OFSTED recommendations.

The course also gives general guidance on how to spot other people in your setting who may be developing allergies and are as yet undiagnosed. We look at a range of things that are known to cause allergies and there is time for discussion on personal experiences.

At the end of this course you and your staff will feel confident to deal with an Anaphylaxis attack and will ensure that you have the tools to cope. Checking dates and medicines regularly will become part of your routine, parents and staff will feel empowered and competent.

Course Outline

  • Resuscitation (all age groups)
  • Cervical Spine Injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Unconscious Casualty (reason for)
  • Poisons and Chemicals
  • Major and minor bleeds
  • Burns (heat, electrical and chemical)
  • Fractures (management and recognition)
  • Heat and Cold injuries and illnesses
  • Other medical conditions eg. Asthma Diabetes etc.
  • Reports, forms and accident book etc.

We can also supply Oxygen Therapy, Semi-Automatic Defibrillator and Langeal Mask Airway Training as an add on to this syllabus