Director and Lead Trainer

Sal TeasdaleSal Teasdale has worked as an instructor in both the Medical and Outdoor Team Building fields for many years, working mostly on her own initiative in a wide variety of workplace environments. Her medical skills were developed during her time within a mountain rescue team where she had extensive medical training. During this time she had hands on experience dealing with casualties over a prolonged period of time whilst organising safe evacuation.

Her instructional skills are exceptional, as are her people skills. She also has a unique approach to training. Sal’s main passion is paediatric care and she has gone to great lengths to produce a paediatric first aid course which fully addresses all the needs of people working within this profession.

During her ten years working in the outdoor environment Sal has built up a large range of skills in the development of teams. Her ability to interact with individuals at all levels proves to be a great asset especially in the review stage of the exercise.

Sal’s major strength lies in the ability to design a course specifically for the group she is training. Whether it be Medical Training or Team Building, in this way she gives everyone the feeling they are a part of the course and not just a student attending it.

Anubis have a bank of professional staff from a range of backgrounds including:

  • Fire Fighters
  • Nurses
  • Forces Medics
  • Builders, Technological & Construction Industry
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Team Building / Leadership
  • Tutors from Childcare Training
  • Members of USAR (Urban Search And Rescue team)