Specialised Team Building Course

Why do we need a team building course?


Your company will often put together groups of people to undertake large or complex tasks, getting the right people together is just the beginning. Helping individuals to communicate confidently without feeling inhibited is the next stage in team progression. The Outdoor environment lends itself to a variety of scenarios which quickly become real. Coupled with our trainers in depth knowledge and past experience the team soon looses sight of normal work place constraints and are able to experiment with communication in a more open and relaxed manner. Experience tells us that this has a profound effect back in the workplace.

Reaching for Goals

Methods, teams and strategies can be tried and tested without interfering with existing on going projects at work. Once proved, systems and teams can be confidently and safely put into place for future Company ventures. Some tasks are visually very demanding, as are many work place projects at first glance, however with careful planning and good team support they are all ultimately achievable.


Confident individuals also need the ability to trust other people in order to communicate their ideas effectively and receive feedback openly. On various elements of the high poles course students are asked to accept the responsibility of the safety of their colleagues. It is also imperative that support, both verbal and physical is provided by all members to ensure success and team fulfilment. With good communication, trust and respect earned in this fashion the team are well prepared to face the challenges of their work environment.


The Effective Team

The staff team on all Anubis courses are professionals in their particular skill areas and where necessary hold the National Governing Body Awards. This enables us to use a variety of activities, skills and motivational tools to ensure all team objectives and needs are met. Therefore over the period of a weekend a group of individuals can develop into a fully functional and effective team.