Specialised Training

Manual/Patient Handling - Duration 4 hours

Having looked in detail at the Health & Safety Guidelines for Manual Handling in the Workplace, we have written a course outline that will be modified to suite YOUR particular working environment. No two courses will be the same as they will adapt to fit the type of activities that your workplace is undertaking. The 4 hour course will cover these topics: anatomy of the spine and it’s delicate framework, how the spine is damaged with apparently simple tasks, the Health Authorities maximum lifting weights, risk assessments of day to day tasks, group discussions on overcoming high risk manoeuvres, how to implement good practice.

RSPH Health & safety Level 2 - Duration 6 hours (includes lunch)

Anubis have developed a short course to cover the important Health & Safety Regulations and their implication on your place of work. This is a discussion based workshop rather than a lecture and will allow for plenty of questions and relating regulations to your environment. Help will be given for writing risk assessments and basic templates will be give out. For those who have been given the onerous task of Health & Safety; this is the course for you!

Fire Marshall - Duration 6 hours

Anubis have responded to the need for some good straight forward training covering the new Fire Safety Order (2005) that came into effect on the 1st October 2006. Numerous people requested information saying they were confused with the regulation. So this is it; a basic course encompassing what you must do, what you could do and then having a hands-on go with fire extinguisher equipment. We have had a very good feedback from this course and many people have said how valuable it was in writing Fire Risk Assessments for their workplace.

Infection Control - Duration 3 hours

A course written in response to a need for a workplace based training that is above all realistic. The course outlines the infections we should all be worried about and how to identify them and prevent their spread. Whilst day to day hygiene is covered, so is; what to do if you have a nasty disease that is notifiable and contagious to your staff, clients and visitors. A very informal and fun course that gives confidence and ability whilst raising standards from experiential learning.

Epi-Pen Training - Duration 1 hours

This course covers all you need to know about dealing with a casualty who has severe allergy reactions (Anaphylaxis) to a food or insect sting. Not only will you learn how to administer the Epi-Pen but you will also be given a clear insight into the symptoms and signs of a casualty developing a reaction.

Our staff will help you with setting up a care plan for the individual who suffers from Anaphylaxis and give you the latest information and relevant county policies and OFSTED recommendations.

The course also gives general guidance on how to spot other people in your setting who may be developing allergies and are as yet undiagnosed. We look at a range of things that are known to cause allergies and there is time for discussion on personal experiences.

At the end of this course you and your staff will feel confident to deal with an Anaphylaxis attack and will ensure that you have the tools to cope. Checking dates and medicines regularly will become part of your routine, parents and staff will feel empowered and competent.